Who Else Wants to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

Can you eliminate the feeling of being overwhelmed? I have asked myself this question several times due to feeling overwhelmed quite easily. Today, I can tell you with confidence that it is possible. I found a very simple technique that has made a big difference and helped me to defeat this destructive emotional state. Feeling overwhelmed frustrated me, […]

The 11 Best Empowering Quotes To Keep You in the Game

What keeps you in the game when facing challenges? Strong positive emotions! Unfortunately, when we encounter challenges our feelings become weak and negative by default. In these times, we can adopt the strong beliefs of the most inspiring individuals on earth in order to keep us strong. I’ve collected 11 of the best empowering quotes that […]

3 Simple Ways for Ultimate Fulfilment (Part 2)

The first part of this article gives you one powerful tool – being grateful – for finding ultimate fulfilment in life. If you haven’t read it, please find it here. It gives you valuable insight about the difference between external and internal sources of happiness and why the internal sources are the only ones that give us ultimate […]

3 Simple Ways for Ultimate Fulfilment (Part 1)

Fulfilment “You have everything you need for complete peace and total happiness right now.”  – Wayne W. Dyer Right now, think about something that makes you happy. Something that gives you a desire to smile. Do you have a picture in your mind? How does it feel? You can have this feeling every day by nurturing it. […]

3 Steps to Change Your Emotional State

  “Yes! I will rock it!“ This powerful statement and the posture in the picture shows that I am highly confident and excited. But it does not only influence your perception of my emotional state, it also impacts how I feel inside. During my studies, I had an experience that taught me how to influence […]

Introvert: 8 Strengths to Be Proud Of

Are you an introvert? Do you feel irritated and overwhelmed in the loud and busy world of extroverts? Do you judge yourself harshly because you think being introverted shows weakness of character? It does not! Introverts have amazing and invaluable strengths. See for yourself and discover your strengths. Appreciate them, because they are eminently respectable and admirable. […]

How to Give Yourself Credit for Ultimate Success and Fulfillment

Do you give yourself enough credit for your achievements? If not, you limit your potential for success, joy, and happiness in life. Learn one easy, but powerful, technique to give yourself credit; credit that you deserve. The method you are about to learn is adjustable for every life area and situation. By applying it, you will become more […]

How to Trigger the Top 3 Positive Emotions and Feel Incredible

How would your life be different if you are confident, happy, and motivated every day, in every situation? How would you feel? Incredible, for sure! Positive emotions increase the quality of life tremendously. Isn’t it desirable to be happy and feel awesome all the time? Discover common triggers of the top 3 positive emotions. This […]

Top 3 Tips to Double Your Productivity

How would your day and life be different, if you would double your productivity? Simple and effortless rituals make it possible. What would the ritual that increases your productivity by 50% look like? Discover the top three tools that build such a ritual and allow you to do things quickly and efficiently. Set yourself up to […]