3 Simple Ways for Ultimate Fulfilment (Part 1)


“You have everything you need for complete peace and total happiness right now.”  – Wayne W. Dyer

Right now, think about something that makes you happy. Something that gives you a desire to smile. Do you have a picture in your mind? How does it feel?

You can have this feeling every day by nurturing it. I am about to give you three simple ways to nurture the most important positive emotions that give you ultimate joy and fulfilment.

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We do not need any external source to be happy. Indeed, depending on these external things makes us suffer. They may make us happy short-term, but long-term they give us a sense of expectation. If the expectation is not met, we tend to get upset.

Just as an example, how long were you happy the last time you’ve bought a new mobile phone? In the beginning, it was the greatest for you, right? How about now? Are you still jumping up and down and smiling as you grab your phone to make a call or write a text? Probably not. This is normal; there is even a law that defines this behaviour.

The Law of Familiarity

We get something new, are so pleased with it for a short period of time, but after a while it becomes familiar and we do not value it as much as when it was new. This happens with physical things, as well as with goals or achievements. We take it as granted, because it became normal.

When the feeling of happiness lessens, we search for something else that might make us happy. Now, there are two sources of happiness. One is external and the other one internal.

External sources bring us short-term happiness and come from instant gratification, like eating, shopping, or watching TV.

Internal sources bring us long-term happiness, also called fulfillment; internal sources are positive feelings that we can nurture to any given time. They come from seeing the beauty in our past, realizing the opportunities in our present, and reaching out for our desired dreams, like building a successful business.

From time to time, external sources of happiness are a beautiful way to reward ourselves. But how great would it be if we looked for, and found, fulfillment instead of depending on instant gratification; if we could nurture happiness and joy from inside ourselves, having access to it any time?

Here are three internal sources that can give you a sense of fulfilment in your life.

Gratitude: Find Fulfilment Through Being Grateful

Being grateful for what you already have in your life is one of the most important gifts you can give yourself.

Try it right now. What can you be grateful for in this specific moment? Look around you or inside yourself and honor what has been given to you. How do you feel when you focus on these positive things?

You can be grateful for little or big things. The important idea is that there is so much to be grateful for! And, this emotion is inside you, right now. You have access to it at any time.

In the beginning, it can be difficult to find things we are grateful for, as we tend to take a lot for granted. With practicing gratitude daily, you’ll uncover more and more things and moments you can be highly grateful for.

So, let’s practice together. What could you be grateful for?

You are reading this article right now, right? So, is the content or the insights you get from the content something you could be grateful for? You are probably reading it while being connected to the Internet. How would life be without Internet; not having the chance to get any possible information that you need in a heartbeat? How do you access the internet right now? Do you use your mobile phone, a tablet, or a computer? Could you imagine a life without these devices?

What delicious meals have you eaten yesterday? Do you love the sun and is it shining right now? If it is raining, how nice is it to have a warm and comfortable home, where you can make yourself a hot tea?

Have you gotten a huge and jolly smile from your child or spouse this week, or have you spent time with your family or friends that you have enjoyed? What was it that you have enjoyed most? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to realize these moments in real-time? Instead of letting them pass, honor these moments, and you will find a sense of fulfilment in them.

I encourage you to stop rushing through your day, but relax and recognize the beauty around yourself. There is also a wonderful pleasure in bringing past moments back to life. What moment in your past has led to something beautiful? What has influenced you in a positive way that has made you who you are and brought you to where you are right now?

Being grateful and having those positive thoughts alone can change your life. I want to share a little story of mine to elaborate.

My personal gratitude story

I grew up without a dad. When I was 14, a new man came into my mother’s life. He adored not just my mom, but also my sister and me. He loved us as if we were his own blood. When I was 14, I took it as granted. My belief was that a family consists of a mom, a dad, and their children. It was normal for me that parents care about their children.

Sure, I was grateful for specific moments, but I didn’t realize the real beauty of this gift. I needed to turn 30 before I understood how grateful I can be. Now, I love my dad more than ever. I have a different perception of him and our relationship has grown even deeper. This is a new quality of life, influenced by the simple thought of being so deeply grateful for my dad’s presence in my life.

What are you grateful for in your life? Share your story and leave a comment below.

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