3 Simple Ways for Ultimate Fulfilment (Part 2)

The first part of this article gives you one powerful tool – being grateful – for finding ultimate fulfilment in life. If you haven’t read it, please find it here. It gives you valuable insight about the difference between external and internal sources of happiness and why the internal sources are the only ones that give us ultimate fulfillment.

Part two of this article will show you two other ways to find fulfillment.

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Purpose: Find Fulfilment Through Your Life Purpose

Everyone has a reason to be on this earth. When you find that reason for yourself, then you’ll find fulfilment.

Now, life purpose is a huge concept and it overwhelms a lot of people. I am here to tell you, don’t; get excited instead. Your life purpose is not an idea that you are going to form in an hour. It takes time and I encourage you to relax and take your time.

Life purpose is also not something that is fixed once chosen. You will adjust it over time, based on your beliefs and experience. That means there is far more than just one right answer. It’s flexible. So, relax and start thinking about what you want from your life. Let your thoughts take their course.

I know this is easier said than done. I’ve experienced it myself, and wasn’t sure where to start, because life includes so many areas. I’ve found my way to my purpose through a simple technique that I want to share with you in the hope that you find it as helpful as I have.

Pretend to be old

I’ve noticed that people in their 70s-90s always have an answer to the question, what they would have done differently in their lives. They know due to their experiences. I thought if I pretend to be 80 and look back on my life’s path, that I might find answers. And so I did.

I virtually stepped into my future self and asked myself two questions over and over again.

  1. When looking back on my life’s journey, what do I want to see?
  2. How would I have wanted to spend my life?
I have found answers

I’ve discovered that learning and growing is the number one human need for me. Earlier, I struggled with any personal performance challenge that came up. I talked myself down and it made me really upset.

Having asked myself the questions above, I realized that life is too short to struggle and indulge in negative self-talk. This limiting habit won’t take me where I want to be. I would waste the time of my life, if I am not able to change this behavior.

Knowing now that I want to grow and expand my identity throughout my life, I see personal performance challenges from a different angle. I actively enjoy them now.

Out of my own struggles, and the awareness of how painful negative self-talk can be; I decided to help others to get through it. There are so many amazing individuals that would like to create something beautiful in their lives, but they think they can’t. They talk themselves down, as I did, and as a result, stop reaching for their dreams.

I have freed myself and, knowing how liberating I feel, I want others to feel the same way. This gives me a fascinating reason to live for. This insight was actually the beginning of Potential Lane.

These won’t be the only answers I get, but I have a purpose at this moment that fulfils me. It is something I love and while taking action in the direction of my purpose, I might find deeper reasons or even a whole new direction from the experiences I will have.

One idea how you can find answers

So, maybe the following questions could be a starting point for your thoughts.

What are you struggling with that you would like to banish from your life because you know it is giving you pain? When you have released yourself from it, would it fulfill you to help others do the same, knowing that you help them to free themselves of the pain that you once felt?

Contribution: Find Fulfilment Through Contributing

Contributing beyond yourself is one of the greatest sources of ultimate fulfilment. There is no greater joy than helping someone. It doesn’t matter if the action is small or large; contributing to another person’s life brings you real happiness.

I am sure that you have already had this experience. I have had it several times before, but unfortunately haven’t realized that this was the source of my happiness.

You’ve definitely had the experience if you are a parent. Especially in the beginning, you felt this incredible joy and sense of fulfilment about having a baby. You have this feeling because you have the opportunity to serve beyond your own needs. You have a reason to live for, an individual that you can contribute your time, energy, and love to.

If you are not a parent, you’ve surely had the experience of true happiness through contributing. I want to tell you a story of my own life as an example.

The power of small gifts

One day at the supermarket, I saw an older lady struggling to reach an item that was on the top shelf. I am not the tallest person. Actually, I am quite short, standing at 1,55 m. But regardless my size, I helped the lady. Together, we managed to reach the item. We had a laugh and the lady was so grateful for my help.

The rest of the day I had such a big smile on my face and nothing could upset me. It was subconscious and I didn’t realize that it came from me contributing to another person’s life. Today, I consciously know, it is true:

“The secret of living is giving.” – Anthony Robbins

It brings you ultimate joy and fulfilment to contribute to another person’s life.

Try it out this week by surprising someone. Buy a gift, write a nice note, or just help someone out without wanting or expecting anything in return. There is no birthday or anniversary; you do it because you want to show your appreciation for this person. Or even help a person you don’t know, like I did at the supermarket. Recognize how you feel afterwards.

Getting out of our comfort zone and looking beyond ourselves gives us the opportunity to experience the ultimate level of fulfilment.

You can start contributing right now by sharing this article with your loved ones. Give them the gift of finding true fulfilment in their lives.

What are you grateful for? What is your life’s purpose and how are you contributing beyond yourself? Share your fulfilment with the world by leaving a comment below.

Picture above: Matheus Bertelli