‘I believe in you, start to believe in yourself.’

Potential Lane is about building faith and confidence in the presence of fears and obstacles. The foundation for managing challenges successfully and creating lasting change.

The purpose is to teach you how you can get more out of your life by focusing on the most important resource – yourself. Mastering yourself helps you to manage life more effectively. Managing life more effectively helps you to focus on the exciting things – your dreams and goals.

Potential Lane will guide you to your potential by providing relevant knowledge and practical how-to-instructions which you can apply easily in your everyday life. Following these you will unleash your potential that gives you the power to live life on your terms, being fulfilled and happy and creating the success you deserve to have.

The mission of this blog is to build the lane and put supportive signs on each junction.

But, I’ll need your help!

You’ll need to start walking and choose which way you want to go. Doing the first step and keeping walking will affect your whole life to get to its positive. It’s an exciting journey.

Join the adventure and get free information that makes your life even more enjoyable.

Potential Lane – your way to living life to its fullest extent.


The face behind Potential Lane:

My name is Aileen Schuering. I face challenges every day, because I love to extend my comfort zone. Growing is an incredible way to get more variety and exciting surprises in life. It brings my life in motion.

I am eager to create a path on which I desire to look back at, seeing lasting footprints, contribution and happiness. I am committed to work every single day for it and Potential Lane is one outcome.