Affiliate Disclosure

The purpose of Potential Lane is to help you achieve your highest goals, find the power to turn your dreams into reality, and live the life you want.

In order to fulfill my goal of helping you, I create quality content and share strategies that helped me to enhance my life. As you can imagine, I did not invent every strategy and technique by myself. I personally grow and learn every day. While doing so, I use different products and resources.

I’m going to introduce you to the resources that I feel will help you maximize your results. These will be digital services and physical products and anything else that have the potential to support your development.

The resources are linked within my content. These affiliate links will guide you to another site and I will earn a commission, if you follow my recommendation and purchase the service. The product has a fixed price and the fact that I earn a commission won’t lead to any additional cost for you.

Rest assured, I only promote services and products that I have used myself. I only recommend high quality services that I feel will benefit you.

I haven’t received free services or products in exchange for a promotion. The only way I finance this site is through the affiliate commission based on your purchase. I appreciate your support and will give thanks by putting in my time and effort to create free, high quality content that you can use to enhance your life.

If you have any queries about this disclosure, feel free to contact me.