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The 11 Best Empowering Quotes To Keep You in the Game

What keeps you in the game when facing challenges? Strong positive emotions! Unfortunately, when we encounter challenges our feelings become weak and negative by default. In these times, we can adopt the strong beliefs of the most inspiring individuals on earth in order to keep us strong. I’ve collected 11 of the best empowering quotes that […]

Introvert: 8 Strengths to Be Proud Of

Are you an introvert? Do you feel irritated and overwhelmed in the loud and busy world of extroverts? Do you judge yourself harshly because you think being introverted shows weakness of character? It does not! Introverts have amazing and invaluable strengths. See for yourself and discover your strengths. Appreciate them, because they are eminently respectable and admirable. […]

How to Give Yourself Credit for Ultimate Success and Fulfillment

Do you give yourself enough credit for your achievements? If not, you limit your potential for success, joy, and happiness in life. Learn one easy, but powerful, technique to give yourself credit; credit that you deserve. The method you are about to learn is adjustable for every life area and situation. By applying it, you will become more […]

Condition Yourself for Success

  How do you define success? Do you feel successful on a regular basis? Can you imagine how a well thought out definition of success can help you achieve your goals faster? In fact, our personal definition of success determines the way we are feeling and influences the achievements of our goals tremendously. This content may […]

Protect Yourself from These 24 Specific Limiting Beliefs

  Limiting beliefs are holding you back. You want to eliminate them and substitute these beliefs with empowering ones in order to release yourself. You will be happier and your journey in life will be much easier. Before you can get rid of your limiting beliefs, you’ll need to know what they look like. The […]

How to Stop Jailing Your Potential

  In part 01 of this blog post (Why Are You Jailing Your Potential) we‘ve learned that our mindset has a tremendous impact and guides our life. Unfortunately, it is the majority that doesn’t take care of its mind. The result is a mind that controls us and our life. We‘ve also learned that we […]

Why Are You Jailing Your Potential

  Are you living your dreams? No? Did you ever ask yourself why you didn’t turn them into a reality? If not, don’t worry, you are going to find out now. Imagine two different scenarios: Scenario A Person A was born into a family that has little money. Person A is tired of being poor […]

Welcome to Potential Lane

  I welcome you to Potential Lane, a blog about creating success, either personally or professionally. The fact being you found this blog is telling me that you want to get more out of your life. Congratulations! The desire to achieve something is the first step towards your dreams. Gathering information and learning how you […]