How to Trigger the Top 3 Positive Emotions and Feel Incredible

How would your life be different if you are confident, happy, and motivated every day, in every situation? How would you feel? Incredible, for sure! Positive emotions increase the quality of life tremendously. Isn’t it desirable to be happy and feel awesome all the time? Discover common triggers of the top 3 positive emotions.

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Positive emotions make us feel good, negative ones bring us down. Now, we all want to feel incredible as it is much more pleasurable for us.

Why are we not doing it?

We allow our emotions to be influenced by external happenings. If something great happens, we fire off positive emotions. Bad events influence our emotions negatively.

We tend to let the effects happen to us accidentally.

That does not need to be the case.

We can trigger any emotion from inside of us and be in charge of our feelings. Discover triggers to fire off positive emotions. Apply them and make you feel incredible!

Do it to yourself! Choose the positive emotions and feel it whenever you want.

Positive Emotions for Success

“Faith or belief that one will act in a right, proper or effective way.” – Merriam Webster

Confidence is the mental state of feeling certain about something. It is a belief that is related to specific situations. There are situations in which we believe in our abilities and moments in which we don’t.

When we believe in our skills, we feel confident. If we don’t, we feel shy or uncertain.

That means, confidence is not a character trait, and so isn’t shyness. We all have both in us and unleash them dependent on each situation.

When do we feel confident?

We all have things we are good at and things we aren’t. We feel and act confidently when we know we are using a strength of ours.

The opposite situation is when we believe we have no or less strength in a specific field. We feel shy and act hesitantly.

In which situation are we more successful? When we act with confidence or not at all?

By answering this question, you see that confidence is critical when it comes to success.

Now, the important point is that we do things differently, when we feel confident. These things are triggers that put us in a confident state.

That means, if we fire off these triggers consciously, we can feel confident on demand.

Simple actions that you can do in order to trigger confidence:

  • Put yourself in a strong body posture: engaged muscles, shoulders back, chin level with the floor, smile
  • Give yourself a compliment
  • Shout out a strong statement like “Yes, I can do it!” using an encouraging voice
  • Visualize success in advance: that creates faith
  • Imagine yourself in a situation where you were highly confident and keep that image in mind when you are in a situation where you want to be confident.

“A reason or reasons for acting or behaving in a particular way.” – Oxford Dictionaries

Motivation is nothing more than a reason. If we have strong and compelling reasons to do something, then we are more willing to take action. It unleashes our enthusiasm. If we have less compelling reasons, or none at  all, then we have no desire to act.

That puts us in the same situation as with the presence or absence of confidence. No success without action.

Motivation and related effects in a nutshell:

Motivation = Reasons > Actions > Success

No Motivation = No Reasons > No or Less Actions > No Success

Motivation is as important as confidence if it comes to success and a compelling reason is one of the main triggers to feel motivated.

Simple actions that you can do in order to trigger motivation:

  • Have a compelling vision in mind: what benefits do you have from taking action?
  • Create a reason and purpose: Why do you want to do this task? Tip: Focus on the future and not the present. What will it bring you for your future?
  • Listen to a motivational speech that inspires you
  • Create a vivid and colorful picture in your mind of how you take action and have fun doing it.
  • Play your favorite music that has some powerful beats
Positive Emotions for Joy

“A state of well-being and contentment.” – Merriam Webster

Happiness is an emotional state. It feels good to be happy and you may have experienced that you see things differently while you are in this state. You are optimistic and everything seems to be much easier.

We also act differently. A simple example is when someone bumps into you. How do you react when you are happy compared how when you are already grumpy? In most cases, the reaction is quite different.

Unfortunately, sometimes external happenings determine if we feel happy or not. But, we can feel happy without it just happening to us. We can trigger it on demand.

Simple actions that you can do in order to trigger happiness:

  • Sing along to happy music and dance
  • Smile
  • Remind happy times with family (e.g. holiday, a fun activity, or a magical moment). Tip: look at a photo that reminds you on one of those moments.
  • Reach out you arms to the side, spin and laugh
  • Jump up and down
  • Do something silly (e.g. a facial grimace) 

We have already felt almost each emotion in our life. That means, we know how to feel them. The only simple step that we need to take is to repeat it.


Remember past situations where you felt a specific positive emotion. Intensify this moment mentally. See what you have seen. Hear what you have heard. Think what you have thought.

When you are mentally in your chosen situation, then you will automatically remember the details. Most important, you feel the emotion you had felt just by visualizing the past moment. This gives you the chance to feel what you want to feel to any moment.


Create rituals to feel these emotions daily and not just accidentally. Take the triggers above and fire them off as often as possible and randomly.

Don’t wait for external happening to get positive emotions. Create your own feelings on demand by knowing and applying your triggers.

I am curious how your triggers for positive emotions have positively influenced your life. Leave a comment below and share your victories.