Morning Ritual – Your Way to Create Happiness and Success

Would you take 30 minutes of your quality time each day, if you know it will transform your life? Just 30 minutes to make you feel happier every day! Time that will increase your confidence and passion! 30 minutes that set you up to win! Put these 30 minutes in a morning ritual and change your life. 

I do an easy morning ritual that enhances the quality of each of my days. Doing it every day for a full year made me feel incredibly strong and ready for life. Discover which simple rituals can help you get energetic, passionate, productive and confident. 

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Smile (1 minute morning ritual)

Each morning before I get out of bed, I put a big grin on my face. Immediately, I feel happier and motivated to start the day.

Why is smiling so effective?

Our brain is conditioned to the fact that a smile is something good. The mind associates happiness with it. While you smile, your subconscious sends signals to your brain, which then does a simple calculation.

He/She smiles

Smiling = happiness

Means: He/She = happy

Immediately, your brain creates positive emotions.

Try it! Put a big grin on your face.

Come on, no one is watching you. Do it! 

How do you feel? Better, slightly more cheerful than before? Own the feeling and indulge in it. This is your recipe for joy. It is so easy and won’t take any of your time, but is incredibly effective.

Smiling is a source of happiness. Start your day with a smile and make each day a happy day!

Listen to one happy song (5 minute morning ritual)

After getting up, I listen to one of my favorite happy songs. I have a list of songs that create positive emotions. Each morning I choose one of these songs.

Listening to happy music has two benefits:

  • You continue to build happiness and make that feeling stronger so it lasts all day.
  • Music encourages motion. You will automatically move your body to the beat of the song. That gets your body going and creates energy.
InCANtation (5 minute morning ritual)

Each morning I perform a particular move with speed and momentum and repeat an incredibly empowering statement. Immediately, I feel tremendously strong, as if nothing can stop me from making my day a success. 

Examples for moves:

  • Jump
  • Embrace the world by opening your arms wide
  • Have a look what athletes do. They do many powerful moves.

Example for an empowering statement:

“I am in charge and can do whatever it takes to succeed! This day is a gift and I will use it to enhance the quality of my life! I’m strong, confident, and proud. I can make everything happen! I am an achiever!”

The move engages your physiology and the statement gives you faith. Both together strengthen your mindset. Whatever might get in your way this day, you are prepared because you conditioned yourself to be strong.

Visualize (10 minute morning ritual)

I have created visions for each area of my life. These visions are pictures how each area of my life ultimately should look like. It’s my ideal.

Each morning I take three areas of my life and visualize these ideals. I pretend that I have already achieved them by creating compelling pictures in my mind.

Areas you can focus on are:

  • Family: How does your dream family look like? What do you want to create within your family? What represents a happy family for you?
  • Health and fitness: What is your ultimate vision for your body? How do you want to feel when being 60, 70, or 80? Do you want to be strong and agile? How much energy do you want to have?
  • Career: How does your dream career look like? What do you want to achieve in your professional life? What do you want to do for a living?
  • Emotions: How do you want to feel each day? Which are the most desirable emotions for you? What emotional standard do you want to set for yourself?
  • Finances: Do you want to create financial freedom? What is financial freedom for you? What does your life look like with financial freedom?

The main benefit of this mental exercise is increasing motivation. Your visions create drive to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals.

Additionally, by reviewing your visions daily, you’ll keep them in the front of your mind and direct your focus to them. Wherever your focus goes, you’ll make major progress.

Practice gratitude (5 minute morning ritual)

Each morning I come up with three things I am grateful for. I appreciate a small, medium, and big thing in my life.


  • Small: the smile my husband gave me yesterday
  • Medium: a great idea for my blog
  • Big: everyone in my family is healthy

Gratitude creates focus on the positive things that are already in our lives. It makes you feel good and optimistic for each and every day. You feel rich by what you already have and appreciate your life.

My morning ritual in a nutshell

Create happiness by smiling.

Unleash energy by dancing to one of my favorite songs.

Strengthen my mindset and create faith by doing a power move and repeating an empowering statement.

Develop motivation by picturing my compelling visions for each area of my life.

Expand gratitude by reminding myself what’s already positive in my life.


How do you create happiness, energy, faith, motivation, and gratitude throughout your day? How would each of your days, and your life, be different if you decide to create these emotions every morning? Share your ideas and leave a comment below.

  • Mandy Jeffery

    I love this! What a great ritual- 5 steps to bliss! Thanks Aileen- I am writing this with a massive smile on my face too! Could this be the start of a 21 day challenge?!

    • Aileen

      Thanks Mandy! Yes, it can be a start of a 21 day challenge, but once started you don’t want to miss it anymore. It is going to be a life style that enhances the quality of each morning.