Morning Ritual – Your Way to Create Happiness and Success

Would you take 30 minutes of your quality time each day, if you know it will transform your life? Just 30 minutes to make you feel happier every day! Time that will increase your confidence and passion! 30 minutes that set you up to win! Put these 30 minutes in a morning ritual and change your […]

How to Get Organized to Stay on Top of Your Life

Several notepads are spread across my desk. My head is full of what needs to be done. I don’t know where to start and I’m afraid that I will forget something. Does this sound familiar? If it does, this article is for you. I will reveal a system that helped me to get organized. Today, I stay on […]

Face Your Personal Challenges Prepared and Overcome Them Easily

Did you set a goal but personal challenges like cravings, overwhelm, or fear hold you back? Learn how you can prepare yourself for each challenge so you can overcome them. Follow this step by step guide, which is accompanied with a specific example, and succeed!  This content may have affiliate links. For more information, please read the affiliate […]

The No. 1 Secret to Breaking Bad Habits Quickly

  Do you have a bad habit? A habit you hate? You want to eliminate it, but it seems, no matter what you do, the habit sticks with you? Did you experience the frustration that comes with being stuck with a bad habit? Explore the reason why your habit sticks and try this no. 1 secret to saying […]

Condition Yourself for Success

  How do you define success? Do you feel successful on a regular basis? Can you imagine how a well thought out definition of success can help you achieve your goals faster? In fact, our personal definition of success determines the way we are feeling and influences the achievements of our goals tremendously. This content may […]

Facing Challenging Changes: Where Do I Start

  Are you eager to get more out of your life by changing something? But you don’t know where to start? This is a common reason why many people hesitate to take action, even if they know they should start. It feels overwhelming – an emotion almost nobody wants to have. It is easier to […]

End of Passing Changes: 3 Tips for Lasting Change

  Lasting Change is a challenge! It involves effort and hard work! When you get started on a change it is usually quite exciting, being something new. You have a lot of ideas and you take action. Eventually the first obstacle arrives and the excitement gets lost. The enterprise usually fails. How can you go […]

Protect Yourself from These 24 Specific Limiting Beliefs

  Limiting beliefs are holding you back. You want to eliminate them and substitute these beliefs with empowering ones in order to release yourself. You will be happier and your journey in life will be much easier. Before you can get rid of your limiting beliefs, you’ll need to know what they look like. The […]

Who Else Wants To Have More Time

Time is a limited resource. 24 hours a day are available. Not more, not less. It is the same for everyone, no matter what. It is an absolute term and we have all been living by it since we can remember. However, observing today’s achievement-orientated society, it seems there is an overall chronic disease: Lack […]

How to Stop Jailing Your Potential

  In part 01 of this blog post (Why Are You Jailing Your Potential) we‘ve learned that our mindset has a tremendous impact and guides our life. Unfortunately, it is the majority that doesn’t take care of its mind. The result is a mind that controls us and our life. We‘ve also learned that we […]