Welcome to Potential Lane


I welcome you to Potential Lane, a blog about creating success, either personally or professionally. The fact being you found this blog is telling me that you want to get more out of your life.


The desire to achieve something is the first step towards your dreams. Gathering information and learning how you can make it happen is the second one. You have not only completed the first step, which is a challenge for the majority, but you have also started to act on the second.

The purpose of this blog is to help you taking the second step, but also to motivate you for many to follow in order for you to hold your head high as you walk the path towards success. Creating success might be challenging, however, we all have the potential to turn our dreams into reality. You have started to walk! Go on, dream big and make it happen! This is your exciting life marathon.

Potential Lane will give you helpful tips on how to tap your full potential. The potential that already lays within you and is waiting to be unleashed. The potential that is able to create the success you desire.

In my opinion, success is influenced by three main parts.

  • Mindset
  • Performance
  • Personal Growth



Our mind is the most powerful machine in our disposal. Unfortunately, it is difficult to control and handle our thoughts. Often times we inhibit our potential through limiting beliefs and fears.

This results in us not doing what we are capable of.

What we are capable of is incredible!

However, our mindset determines how much of our capabilities we unleash. It determines where we will go in life. It is the psychological background behind our potential.

The poor fact is that our psychology foils us unless we become aware of the system. Gaining awareness will help us to cheat the system and get back in the front line. It is possible through simple rituals which strengthen our self-confidence.

The #1 key to make our lives work for us, is conditioning ourselves and developing an empowering mindset that supports our needs and enables us to reach higher ground.



We live in an achievement-orientated society. When the word performance comes into play, the majority thinks of:

  • Massive workload
  • Burn-out
  • High responsibility
  • Pressure
  • Missing out on life

This does not need to be the case. If we look at high achievers such as John Wooden and Arnold Schwarzenegger, then we find truly fulfilled people. People that have a different perception of performance:

  • Joy
  • Excitement
  • Happiness
  • Life-Fulfillment
  • Growth and Improvement

It is all a matter of time management, productivity, self-organization, and most important, desire.

Mastering these elements is achievable through simple habits and thought patterns. Our performance is mainly built by what we are doing constantly on a daily basis – by our habits.

The key for high performances is not to work more, but to change our habits and patterns. The main task is developing habits and rituals that serve our needs.


Personal Growth

We are the most important resource in our disposal. We are the asset itself. The asset behind success. Assets need consistent attention and care in order to remain long-term assets.

Thus, creating success requires work that we, ourselves, need to commit. A simple example is riding a bike. Does anyone just ascend and hit the road, having never done it before? In general, it is a process of learning and improving over time.

There are two main parts of personal growth:

Developing skills – learning how to ride a bike

Building character – embracing the challenges and fears as well as command the motivation after falling down several times

Building the character also influences the first aspect – learning. Having the self-discipline and showing the commitment to take action is crucial. It includes the desire to appreciate changes, facing the unknown and much more. It affects literally everything. Thus every achievement is deeply connected to ourselves.

Success starts with us.

The key to personal growth is developing the understanding that we, ourselves, are the most important resource for creating any success in life. It is our commitment for life-long learning and the desire to strengthen our own character.


Potential Lane concentrates on these three main parts. The purpose is to make your life easier through building an empowering mindset, increasing your efficiency and helping you with making changes, the essence of personal growth.

Tapping your full potential is life fulfilling.

Imagine yourself being 70 years old, sitting at home and looking back at your life. You are seeing everything you have achieved through your personal power, the potential you have unleashed.

What do you want to see?