Who Else Wants To Have More Time

Time is a limited resource. 24 hours a day are available. Not more, not less. It is the same for everyone, no matter what. It is an absolute term and we have all been living by it since we can remember.

However, observing today’s achievement-orientated society, it seems there is an overall chronic disease: Lack of time. A sentence I am hearing almost every day is: ‘I don’t have time!’. It doesn’t need to be this way!

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Today I am NOT telling you that you need to prioritize in order to get time back, but that you can get one to two hours a day on top of your available timeframe. The time you have available is the time you are not sleeping. Literally what I am saying is that your body requires less sleep than you think it needs.

I can understand if you are a little bit skeptical. I was also doubting it until I convinced myself by committing to an energy experiment. The experience I made blew me away. It’s incredible and real. You can sleep less, still be healthy and do it without burning yourself out. I am sleeping 6 hours a night without straining myself or my body and am waking up without an alarm after 6 hours of sleep, being totally energized and eager to start the day.

I was driven by the idea to have more time and energy for my life. While searching for solutions I came across Tony Robbins ‘10-Day Pure Energy Challenge’. I committed myself to try it and got highly rewarded. Now, I share the parts of the challenge that had the biggest impact on my energy level. I am going to present the principles of each part, how I actually made the change in my life and the results I’ve achieved from each part.

First, you might be interested in the results of this challenge. The main pay offs I’ve personally experienced by committing to this three-step experiment for 30 days are:

  • More time through less sleep
  • Reduction of sleep from 8 to 6 hours, without straining
  • More time through higher productivity during the day
  • Independence from an alarm clock
  • Elimination of any tiredness
  • Feeling awesome and vibrant almost every morning and during the day
  • General excitement for almost everything and thus more energy to act on tasks

Are you keen to learn the three steps? Discover them by reading on and look which impact they have on your energy level.

Part 01 – Breathing

Our body is full of toxins. Toxins are coming from everywhere – foods, drinks, air pollution, stress – and we can’t avoid them. The toxins are the bad guys when it comes to our energy level. They are slowing us down.

However, our body has a system available to reduce the toxins in our body. This is the lymphatic system. It is cleansing our body and protects us from diseases. It also can save us from a low energy level if we know how to engage it.

The better our lymph system works, the faster the elimination of toxins and the less toxins in our body. The less toxins in our system, the more energy we have.

Two simple actions are motivating our lymph fluid to move properly: physical movement and breathing.

Unfortunately, our normal breath is not sufficient to fully cleanse our body. A deep breath is required. In Tony Robbins ’10-Day Pure Energy Challenge’ it is recommended to take a deep breath, hold it for four times you’ve inhaled and then exhale for two times you’ve inhaled.

The numbers I personally started with were: 5 seconds inhaling, 20 seconds holding and 10 seconds exhaling.

In order to eliminate as much toxins as possible it is recommended to take 10 deep breaths 3 times a day.


This exercise requires little effort to get integrated into our daily routine. In the beginning we need to simply remind ourselves to do the exercise as it is a new ritual that gets easily forgotten. I set up three reminders in my phone, one in the morning, one before lunch and one in the evening. That worked well for me.

Often times we are rushing through our day and it seems we can’t deduct the time to do the exercise. This is a trap!

In the first place, it looks like more time we are investing, not seeing the results in the end. Rewarded, it gives us multiplied the time back.

I also considered this exercise as quality time where I could reflect on everything and calm myself down. I actually got the time to focus on myself, which rarely happens during all the things we are doing every day. This motivated me to commit to all 10 breaths 3 times a day and I don’t want to miss it anymore.

Personal Results

The breathing exercise didn’t just give me more energy, it also increased my lung volume.

Breathing seems to be easier and I have the feeling that my body oxygenates better during normal breaths. This also affected my stamina training positively. I feel much fitter.

Additionally, I make better decisions as I take the time to reflect on my thoughts during the breathing exercise.

Part 02 – Proper Food Combining

I mentioned above that foods are creating toxins and that these are taking away our energy.

Is there a way we can give less poisons the chance to get into our system?

Yes! We can reduce the chance for toxins to breed in our body if we commit ourselves to changing our eating habits. The scientist Dr. Herbert Shelton studied food combining and wrote a book called ‘Food Combining Made Easy’.

If you want to fully understand the process, then I recommend you read it. It is relatively short. Nevertheless, I am going to explain the main principles and reasons that you can follow the main idea behind it.

Different foods have different nutrients. The three main ones are carbohydrates, proteins and fats. As its name implies, food combining is all about the combination of certain nutrients.

Our diet consists of foods that combine well and foods that combine badly with each other. The background lies in the digestive process of our body. Our system can digest some foods together and others not. The reason is the use of different enzymes for different kinds of nutrients.

It is a biological process that just one enzyme can work at a time. If different foods are taken, then minimum one enzyme can’t do its work and it leaves the food undigested.

The result of undigested food is the creation of toxins, the devil when it comes to our energy.

Thus, I recommend to follow the main principles of food combining:

  1. Do not combine carbohydrates and proteins.
  2. Do not combine proteins with fats.
  3. Eat just one kind of either proteins or carbohydrates at a meal and combine it with a big salad.
  4. Eat melons alone and do not combine fruits with anything else than other fruits.
  5. Drink water approx. 15 minutes before and about an hour after meals, but not during the meal.
  6. Generally, avoid any sweets as they can’t combine well with anything.

Different kind of foods require a different time of digestion. This is energy the body takes to get the process done.

Energy you personally miss out on.

Thus, it is recommended to eat approx. 70 to 80% fast digesting foods and just 20 to 30% slow digesting foods. Fast digesting foods are naturally rich in water. These are all vegetables and fruits. Everything else is slow digesting.

A further recommendation for the hard-core version is to eat vegan and organic, as this will additionally reduce the toxins in your body.


This is a big shift and it seems to be the hardest one in terms of implementation, as it is a complete change of the eating habits you might have now. However, it had the biggest impact on my energy level.

Food combining seems to be a relatively big limitation at first. Thus, the first step I needed was a shift in my focus. I loved to eat, I adored chocolate and all the delicious meals I had during a day.

Reducing the importance of food in my mind and concentrating on the things I’ll get instead was critical. I focused on all the energy I will have and the things I will be able to do when I have more time. This was my priority and it guided me through the process.

Find the things that are most important to you in order to make the process easier.

The second step is to get all information ready to get started properly.

What foods have which nutrients and what can you eat with what?

I will provide a schedule of what I am eating during the day, as I know that the beginning can be challenging and I want you to get started easily.


A whole fruit salad OR vegetable salad

Nothing added other than three to four different kind of fruits OR vegetables in an amount that is sufficient. When I eat melon, then I just have the melon without any other fruits.

During the meals

A fruit or vegetable smoothie or juice

I already prepare the smoothie/juice in the morning and take it with me to work. When you want to save time, then you can also prepare a bigger amount and freeze it.

Also, for the smoothie/juice I am taking not more than three to four different kinds of fruits or vegetables and a little bit of water to get it smooth (for the smoothie).


A big salad with one kind of carbohydrates

The carbohydrates differ from day to day. Some days I just eat a baked potato, sweet potato or a baked pumpkin, other days I eat pasta with self-made vegan pesto, couscous or rice casserole, a vegetable soup, a wrap or a sandwich with raw vegetables, etc.

During the meals

A raw vegetable snack, if required

This can be either a piece of cucumber, a capsicum, a carrot, celery or zucchini.


A big salad with one kind of protein

The proteins differ from day to day. I eat either nuts, seeds, olives or avocado. Sometimes I take the time to bake a bread that consists of just nuts and seeds. I eat it with whole nut and seed butters, which is really delicious. I also prepare guacamole or an eggplant dip from time to time and eat it with veggies.

This may look very complicated, but if you just start, then you’ll get used to it. It is just a habit that will sooner or later run automatically.

The process was also very exciting for me as I tried different things and got surprised several times at the delicious meals I’ve created.

You can also have a flick through the Internet searching for vegan and raw recipes. I was stunned by the variety that exists. Often times you’ll need to adjust the recipes slightly in order to stay with the proper food combining principles, but that will come naturally to you.

Personal Results

I personally discovered a huge difference in my body, feeling healthy, vibrant and strong almost every day, and being able to absolve the day with ease.

I feel like a million dollars and never felt better before at any time in my life.

An additional advantage is the natural weight loss that occurs automatically. Food combining creates a natural balance in our body and gives us the weight that is right for our size and age.

I almost never get a cold even if everyone around me has one. My immune system is stronger than ever before and I rarely feel bad or tired.

Also if impalpable at the moment but I am already focusing on the future. Proper food combining can reduce the risk for any diseases like cancer or any defects and disorders. I always imagine how I am going to play with my grandchildren and even great-grandchildren, still being agile and flexible at a very high age.

Part 03 – Mental Focus

Our mental focus determines how much energy we unleash every day. Imagine two different scenarios. You want to motivate your 8-year-old child to get up in the morning.

Scenario 01

You are going into the room and are melodically saying ‘Time for school!’. Do you expect your child to jump out of bed and sing ‘Yeah, I am coming!’?

Scenario 02

You are entering the room and are telling your child ‘Time for Disney World!’. Are you supposing a tired child grumbling, ‘Let me alone!’?

I assume usually it is the other way around. You are giving the child a different focus and a different expectation of the day. The focus influences the excitement and thus the energy your child will be able to produce.

This is true not just for kids, but also for adults.

The only difference is that children get excited more easily than adults. It is a great advantage to find back that excitement as the simple example shows the huge impact a positive focus can have on our energy level.

Tony Robbins ‘10-Day Pure Energy Challenge’ intends to direct your focus 3 times a day and to visualize positive memories and your compelling future for at least 10 minutes a day.


I do these exercises during the breathing exercise. One time in the morning, one time before lunch and one time in the evening.

In the morning I focus on my goals and dreams. I ask myself, where I want to be in life and what I am expecting of my life. I visualize my highest and most fascinating goals.

Before lunch I reflect on my day and thoughts for the first 5 breaths and direct my mind and emotions to my heart for the second 5 breaths. I ask myself how I am feeling at that moment. I discover what is influencing my mind, what thoughts I have and where they come from.

In the evening, I practice the awareness of positive emotions. I think of all things that are making me happy, that are exciting for me, that are making me grateful. These are things that I already have in my life. There are so many. Generally, we just don’t recall them into our mind.

This exercise is as easy as breathing when it comes to integrating it into our daily routine, especially when you combine both.

It gives you the quality time you deserve to have, and you are able to focus on yourself and your needs, not other people needs.

Personal Results

The exercises had a huge impact on my daily emotions. I have positive feelings most of the time and am happier more often than I was before. I am feeling excitement in almost all things I am doing, always seeing the positive behind it.

These exercises created a habitual focus on the positive for my whole life.

The shift in my mental focus also gave me the ability to eliminate limiting beliefs about myself. I have more confidence in my abilities than I ever had before. This allows me to do and achieve more, as I stopped overthinking everything and am organizing my thoughts more clearly. I can think straight and thus can make better decisions.


Considering all three parts of this experiment together, I can assure you that it is worth it. The main changes for me are the time I have available and the excitement that gives a boost to the personal performance.

I experienced the first changes after about 15 days. The full shift in my energy level came after approx. 30 days.

Now, I am addicted to it. I don’t want to go back and am living a new lifestyle. That doesn’t mean that there are no exceptions. For example, when I go out with friends or am invited for dinner, then I don’t insist on the food combining principles.

Don’t strain yourself!

This is a process that takes time. Forcing it will increase the risk of quitting.

Enjoying the process and going step by step every day will raise the chances to succeed. You can do a little bit more day by day and you will get what you want: More energy!