Why Are You Jailing Your Potential


Are you living your dreams? No? Did you ever ask yourself why you didn’t turn them into a reality? If not, don’t worry, you are going to find out now.

Imagine two different scenarios:

Scenario A

Person A was born into a family that has little money. Person A is tired of being poor and wants to live in financial abundance so that she can stop worrying about money. Eventually Person A is able to turn her life around and lives her wealthy dream. She has unleashed her potential.

Scenario B

Person B started at the exact same point: growing up in a poor environment, being sick of it and having the dream of being wealthy. Person B is not able to live her dream and stays financially broke. She has jailed her potential.

These scenarios are real. People are starting with the same conditions, but achieve different outcomes. What are they doing differently and why does this difference have such a huge impact on their lives? Assuming the majority of people desire to experience scenario A, can we actually decide which scenario we are going to fit into?

Part 01 of this blogpost is going to answer these questions. Part 02 will capture step by step instructions on how to make the difference.

Part 01 – Why Are You Jailing Your Potential?
Part 02 – How to Stop Jailing Your Potential

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What is the difference between scenario A and B?

It’s the mindset of each person. People develop different beliefs about themselves and their lives, even when coming from similar physical backgrounds. These beliefs are either empowering or limiting.

Empowering beliefs are thoughts that drive us forward. Having these beliefs, we think we are capable of achieving what we want. They empower us to take action, so we will grow along the way and build the faith that gives us the power to tap into our full potential.

Unfortunately the opposite exists too. The number one reason for not heading towards our dreams is nurturing disempowering beliefs. We simply don’t believe in ourselves and the possibility that our dreams can be real. These thoughts stop us from taking action and unleashing our potential. They kill our faith. Without faith, no action. Without action, no point in achieving objectives.

In short: Our mindset determines where we are going in life.



How does it transpire that beliefs have the power to direct our lives?

Beliefs are preset decisions in our mind and it is crucial to know how they are influencing our behavior. If we make a decision consciously, we act accordingly. General beliefs are subconscious. Decisions based on these lead to an automatic reaction. Our beliefs are already evaluating certain things and are guiding our behavior naturally. Thus, they have a huge impact on our life.

Belief A

Person A thinks that she can change the situation. She believes that she can get a good job and earn an appropriate wage,if she takes every effort in school to be good.

Behavior: Person A will do anything to be good. She will learn every free minute and strain herself as much as she can. She will focus on her career.

Belief B

Person B thinks that she was born in that environment and can’t get out of it. She believes that she is mediocre in school as her parents were lousy too. She is convinced that her efforts won’t pay off, as she will never be good at anything and will never have the chance to get a job with an appropriate salary.

Behavior: Person B will do nothing as it isn’t worth it. She will focus on her day to day problems.

You might think that’s natural. Certain people have particular abilities and others not – what, by the way, is a limiting belief. No one is born with any skill. Every qualification a person might have is learned. Biographies of great achievers of our time are the perfect proof. A lot of these personalities started out as an average person with a standard life. The difference is that they had a strong mindset and cherished their beliefs.

The two opposed beliefs stated above are obviously going to lead to different destinations.

Destination A is success.

Destination B is stagnation.

Thus, when we are able to eliminate our limiting beliefs, we’ll free up our potential. We’ll install empowering beliefs instead and succeed. We’ll become unstoppable and will live the life we desire.

Are we able to change from scenario B to scenario A?

Yes, we are! We can transform ourselves and are capable of eliminating our limiting beliefs. If you have such beliefs, then you have changed them once already. Why shouldn’t you be able to do it again? You might ask: “When? When did I modify my beliefs?” You probably can‘t remember because this happened at a very young age and, in addition, subconsciously through your personal experiences. Try to imagine yourself in two different chapters of life and you will get the evidence.

Chapter 01

You are a newborn, crying, laughing and striving for milk. As time goes on you are observing your environment. Everyone around you walks. You think, as everyone is walking, then I also need to do this.

You try and fail, try and fail, etc. You never stop trying, not even after your hundredth attempt, because there is just one possible destination: success. “If everyone is doing it, than I can, too.” You are not evaluating any effort, because it is a must for you.

Eventually you hit the target. You rise, stand up, walk and run. By the way, the same procedure was repeated when you started to speak.

Chapter 02

You are in school, learning a second language. You are still observing your environment as you did as a baby. The difference is that there are more possibilities. By noticing schoolmates that are very good and schoolmates that are mediocre in learning the second language, you have two references which are pulling in different directions.

You probably try your best, but are making mistakes over and over again (as you did while trying to walk). Soon you link this to your brain. Based on your references, you identified two possible destinations: success or failure. That means it is not a must for you (as it was walking).

It is a natural behavior that you are evaluating your efforts and are making your decision based on that. You are learning, but still making mistakes. This turns into the limiting belief, that you are not good at languages. How are you going to answer the following question then? How did you learn your native language, when you are lousy at languages?

These short stories show that every single person starts life with a powerful mindset. What happened between these two chapters of life? We simply got more references through personal experiences and changed our beliefs based on them. Everything we experience will form, reinforce or change a belief.

Now is the time to get some new references in order to regain the powerful mindset you deserve to have.

Change your limiting beliefs especially and you will change your direction in life through your new behavior. You did it once, so you can do it once again. Strive for your full potential and life will be yours.

The second part of this blogpost will capture how you are going to do this step by step.

Part 02 – How to Stop Jailing Your Potential